Technical Interviewing by Industry Experts

Connecting you with industry experts for specialized technical interviewing, we help design your product teams
by assisting in the selection and interviewing process of candidates.

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Meet the professionals steering our interviews, sharing their valuable experience and insights to enhance your hiring journey. Explore their profiles to see the outstanding expertise that distinguishes us.

What we do?

Hiring process is lengthy

Job posting and sourcing

Companies begin by identifying their hiring needs and posting the job. They source candidates through job boards, social media, and recruitment agencies.

Screening & Shortlisting

Companies filter resumes and cover letters to shortlist the most qualified candidates, ensuring that only the best move forward in the hiring process.


Our experts interview candidates and provide a detailed, thorough evaluation report that ensures the candidate is technically qualified.

We focus on solving one problem

Culture fit & Hiring Decision

Companies conduct final interviews to assess cultural fit and make informed hiring decisions. They finalize offers and onboard the best talent.

How it works

Company-Provided Candidates

Your company provides the candidates to be interviewed. Our expert conducts the interview and provides a comprehensive assessment.

Pricing: Pay per $150-$300 per Interview

Pre-Interviewed Talents

Browse our pre-interviewed talents, unlock profiles to view detailed reports and recorded interviews, and select the best fit for your needs.

Pricing: Per profile unlock or Subscription Plan

Expert Evaluation for Individuals

Receive a comprehensive report on your talent skillset or applicant pool with our expert evaluation service. Whether you're an individual seeking to showcase your skills or a business looking to assess potential hires, our detailed assessment provides valuable insights. Understand strengths, identify areas for growth, and make informed decisions to elevate your talent strategy.

Looking to understand your strengths and areas for growth?

Receive detailed feedback from an industry expert to help you improve and prove your product skills. Knowing where you stand can help you overcome imposter syndrome and confidently showcase your abilities to hiring managers and on your LinkedIn profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each service is customized to fit your unique requirements, with a focus on enhancing your product team's efficiency and effectiveness. We provide an industry expert in the needed field to deliver service that adheres to global standards.

Quality is our top priority. We have a very aggressive criteria to choose our experts such as working with leading global companies to make sure we have the best in the market.
We regularly review our expert interviews and client feedback to refine our processes and ensure the highest service standards.

The duration can vary, but our aim is to conduct a thorough yet efficient interview process, typically completed within one week after initiating the service.

Experts in Provin's network are selected based on their industry experience, professional achievements, their professional reputation, top global brands they worked with and proven track record in their field.

We use a comprehensive matching process that considers the expert’s industry background, experience level, and niche expertise to align with your company's specific requirements and culture.

If requested, our experts can provide an assessment of the candidate's performance during the initial period of employment.

International clients can make payments via bank transfer or through Stripe (secure online payment platform).

Transparency is crucial to us. All potential costs are detailed in our initial quote, with no hidden fees.

We understand that hiring needs can evolve, and we're flexible to adjust our services accordingly. Any changes in scope will be communicated and agreed upon before billing.

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